SEO Jargon - Commonly Used and Must to Know SEO Terms

While working in the field of SEO, we usually come across many common terms and sometimes it become very difficult to remember all these SEO jargon or SEO terms. Here, I am providing a complete list of these SEO jargon that commonly used in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

Complete List of Commonly Used & Must to Know SEO Jargon


One of the most common SEO jargon is Keywords. In the world of SEO, keywords are the words that a user usually type in the search engine bar to search something. It is always suggested that your website should be well optimized according to the targeted keywords.

Long Tail Keyword

A new and very hot SEO jargon is long tail keywords. Today, competition is very high in the world of SEO. It is very difficult to rank well for small or single word keyword that is why the concept of long tail keywords was introduced. Check out this link to know about LSI Keywords and their use.

Long tail keywords are formed by combing some suffix and prefix with main keywords. These suffix and prefix are chosen according to the main keyword. For example, it is very difficult to rank well for the keyword ‘Men T-shirts’. We can use some suffixes and prefix according to our product specification to form a long tail keyword like ‘Round Neck Men T-shirt with Logo Design’.

Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are actual texts on a web page with a link for some another webpage. When user clicks on an anchor text, he will be landed on some other web page. Anchor texts are chosen according to the landing pages.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the target pages where a user is redirected when he clicks on an anchor text. It is always suggested to choose anchor texts according to your landing pages. Check out this link to know 13 best landing page optimization tips.

Back links

If you are working in the field of SEO, am sure you aware about how important backlinks are for a website. Another SEO jargon is Back links.

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Back links are actually when a website linked with some another website. Having a bunch of relevant backlinks is really beneficial for a website and it can help to rank a website well in search engine result pages.

Broken Links

Broken links are various anchor texts links on a website which no longer exists. That’s mean when user clinks on these links he will not redirected to target page.

It is always suggested by SEO experts that broken links should be removed from a website as soon as possible. Check this link to know about effective seo strategies. Bulk google index checker tool can help with this.

Call to Action

These are the various keywords which are actually used to encourage the web users to take a particular action after reading. ‘Call Now’, ’Buy Now’, ‘Contact Now’, all these are the best example for call to action keywords.

Google Dance

Another commonly used SEO Jargon is Google Dance. Term ‘Google Dance’ is refers to the act when rankings of a website changes continuously in search engine result pages.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of best technique to earn quality backlinks for a website. Guest posting means writing a blog or an article on a website which not belongs to us. It is totally up to the website owner whether he wants to approve a guest posting or not.

Internal linking

Linking the web pages of a website together is what we are known as internal linking. In the world of SEO, internal linking is the best way to help search engines to crawl a website very deeply and it can also help the users to find more relevant information on a website.


Next SEO Jargon is sitemap. A sitemap is actually an index page for all web pages of a website. A sitemap can help search engines to crawl a website more deeply. Sitemap act same as you use the index page for searching specific information in a book.

Google Updates

Google works according to some specific algorithms and Google also update these algorithms at regular interval of time to provide best result to its users. These updates in Google algorithms are known as Google updates.

Keyword Stuffing

As we know how important keywords are in the SEO world, but using these keywords in a large quantity just for ranking a website at higher positions, is known as keyword stuffing.

It is highly recommend by SEO experts not to stuff keywords in a website because it can be a cause of penalty from Google.

Meta Description

Meta description is a small code of lines which appears below every link in search engine result pages. Meta description is best place to place our target keywords but that use of keyword should look natural and smooth.

Target Audience

Your targeted audience or customers you want to attract for your services or products.

Tiered Link Building

One of the really hot and trending SEO Jargon is Tiered Link Building. It is a very smart way for promoting your cashed quality back links and creating new back links for your existing back links.

For example, if you are having 100 quality back links for your website then you can create 100 more back links for these quality back links. In this way you can promote your website in more smart way and best the thing is that Google and other search engines always appreciate this link building criteria.

Google Webmasters Tools

One of the best way to know about the health of your website over internet. Google is providing webmaster services for absolutely free and it can also help to improve your SEO.

Search Engine Result Pages

Whenever you search something on Google, you see a list of results on your window. That list is known as SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

On Page SEO

Boosting the online presence of a website with the help of making some desired changes in the website itself is known as On Page SEO.

Off Page SEO

Performing various SEO activities which don’t actually affect website itself are known as Off Page SEO techniques.

Website Audit

Performing the deep study of a website and checking for its weak points is known as website audit. A well planned website audit is must before starting any SEO activity for a website.

Search Engine Spiders

These are the various software or algorithms which crawl the internet to fetch new and updated data for internet users.

Website Traffic

How many numbers of users are visiting on your website is known as website traffic.  Well planned SEO strategy can help you to boost the website traffic for your website.

Bounce Rate

Percentage of users who leaves your website without visiting some another page is known as bounce rate for a website. Writing quality and more engaged content for website is best the way to reduce the bounce rate for a website.

Keyword Density

Another SEO Jargon is Keyword density. It is a term used to define how many number of time a keyword exists in web page content.

Website Hits

Total number of users visiting to your website is known as website hit.

Meta Tags

Meta tags is a collection of various Meta tags which search engine understand like, Meta title, Meta description, Meta keywords and Meta robots.

It is always suggested to write your Meta tags very carefully because well written Meta tags can help search engines to find a webpage very easily.

Organic Traffics

Users, those are visiting to your website by clicking on various results they found on search engines.

Whenever users search for some specific keywords in the search engine bar, they clicks on some relevant options form giving results. If you are receiving users for those clicks, that’s mean you are receiving users form organic search.

ALT Tags

One of the best ways to tell search engines what an image is all about. These ALT texts will be shown to the users when users place his mouse cursor on a particular image.

Duplicate Content

Two web pages having similar type of content. Remember, search engines are very strict for duplicate content. It is always suggested by SEO experts to have unique and fresh content for your website.

Web Page Loading Time

Total time a web page takes for fully loading. Load time for a web page should be as low as possible.

Mobile Friendly Website

Another SEO Jargon is Mobile friendly website. When a website is fully accessible using a mobile phone, it can be called as Mobile friendly website.

Search Engine Rankings

Position at which search engine is placing your website for targeted keywords is known as search engine rankings for your website.

Domain Name

A unique name that can define your website over World Wide Web is known as a domain name. For example,


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