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The best conversational user interface / chatbot examples by sector

We’ve convinced you that your organisation needs a conversational user interface - a voice assistant, skill or chatbot - that answers your users’ needs. You’ve also settled on how you can choose a technology for your conversational user interface. What’s left? Figuring out what to produce for your own business. I’ve rounded up our favourite conversational user interface examples by our top sectors for a bit of inspiration. Chatbot Example: Finance According to Econsultancy’s research, 28% of the senior financial industry leaders indicated that the optimisation of customer experience was the ‘single most exciting opportunity’ in 2018. That’s compared to just 18% of leaders in other industries. The advent of Open Banking increases the realms of possibilities for finance companies and disruptive FinTechs. It demanded that the UK’s nine largest banks made their data available to vetted companies via APIs. According to the CMA , the value proposition of open banking to consumers is

3 Human-Centered Design Process Tips for Product Managers

This article offers three human-centered design steps and ideas for product managers seeking to achieve balanced and consistent results, from beginning to end of a project. A product manager’s goal is to define big picture vision for a product and then refine that vision into clear, actionable phases and deliverables. They are also accountable for how well other teams deliver on that vision. This job presents a great challenge: How do you lay a foundation at the beginning of a project for consistent and expected results at the end of the project? The human-centered thinking process and methodology offers product managers a way to anticipate what will make a product successful, and then empower others to achieve that success. ->  link box By aligning competing disciplines and values under shared vision for greatest impact, a human-centered design process brings balance and perspective to the product development process. It can serve as one of a product manag