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What you really need to get SEO rankings?

SEO is all about getting top search engine rankings and most say yes for this but it’s not all there anymore. Or, at least it shouldn’t be. If you are a business owner and in a search of quality SEO, then you can find providers who promises top search engine rankings. If your SEO knows which keywords to use and make them top on the search engine then its not over. It means that you are not getting your money’s worth even then if you have allocated minimal budget for your SEO campaign. Now a day’s SEO is much more about online marketing than simply adding ingredients to your website and making it search engine friendly for top rankings. Following are some of the essential components to a successful optimization campaign. Keyword Research The primary and most important key factor of optimization is keyword Research. While its not that important as the site architecture, you need to invest quite amount of time researching the best keywords so that you can build the site architec