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How to write great content: Actionable tips to write Great blog post 2020

Content is king If you are an internet marketer or content writer, you should know How content is important in the online world to build audiences/ customers. The only way to rank high in Google search results is Awesome and Uniques content. Most of the internet marketers know CONTENT IS KING, but they don’t know What makes a normal content into extraordinary content. Let’s see the reasons behind believing in the quote “CONTENT IS KING” Why Content is KING? During the earlier days of Internet marketing, it is easy to rank in Google search engine with surface content (means brief content). But with the evolution of the Internet and the availability of tons of blog post on a single topic made  Google to design new algorithms to filter High-quality content from low-quality content and rank the content which satisfies user search intent and user-friendly. With the new algorithms, it became difficult to rank high on SERP with article post with low and medium quality. If you really wa