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How to properly implement a CRM-system: the algorithm of action and common mistakes

According to a study by CRM implementation company C5Insight, an average of 38% of CRM integrations into a business yield lower-than-projected results. The reason is not because of bad IT-products, but because companies do not know how to properly implement CRM, make mistakes and end up losing their investments. But if the transition to CRM is successful, the investment will pay off more than 5 times over. According to a study by analytical company Nucleus Research, every dollar invested in CRM brings $5.6 in profits. Stages of implementation The implementation of CRM is different, but there are always five main stages in the process. At each of them, the integrator - a representative of the CRM company - acts as a supervisor, but don't worry: you don't have to write a "checklist". You just need to follow the integrator's instructions: accurately describe the business processes and problems that you want to solve with the help of the IT product. And if you want to

What to Do to Get the Best ERP System for Small Business

  In the digital economy era, small business owners definitely need the best ERP System for small business. Otherwise, the business won’t be able to compete with others. ERP systems help. Why a small business needs ERP system? Even a small start-up business, if the owner is serious to run it, it will grow. When growing, of course, its complexity and its workload will grow as well. Emails, accounting, spreadsheets, customers, etc. will make the owner and his/her employees feel overwhelmed in the end. This will be dangerous to feel overwhelmed since they won’t perform well in making their customers feel satisfied. If they don’t do something right by having ERP system, the business will slow down obviously. ERP system with its integrated database will help increase the efficiency of operations, response fast, simplify the workflows, and improve flexibility. What else can ERP system do? See more details about its features. Some features of ERP Systems being able to help any small business

Astroturfing, PPC, Blogging and SEO

In the blogosphere, you kept on top of mentions of your name, or the name of your company, product or industry within minutes of the post being made, instead of the weeks (or months) of traditional search engine optimization. In this way, you could keep on top of the online discussions, and engage in them when necessary, but the main thing is not to forget to use google backlink indexer. And that's what brings us to the two approaches to engaging in the discussion. First, you can run your own corporate blog in an official sense. Or second, you can post comments in other peoples' blogs, attempting to sway the discussion in the direction you desire. The later approach can be done in an open and honest fashion, or it can be done by disguising yourself as not being a representative of your company. And in some cases, companies encourage their customers to do this sort of posting on their behalf. And in other cases, the companies hire third parties who specialize in boosting such