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Super Models: Advanced Intelligence Marketing for Casinos

  Originally published in Global Gaming Business Over the past two decades, the path to winning market share has caused dramatic evolution in the casino gaming business. Zealous marketers have adopted direct mail, player reinvestment, same-day cash back, database marketing, a broad range of promotions, modeling and prospecting. In 1985 any one of these techniques would have captured market share. Today all of these techniques are important to sustain market share. So where will future marketers find new players? By looking where others are not looking today. First, there is a dynamic concept used to evaluate success in the industry we should question: rated play. It is the most pivotal measure of success. Why? Obviously because it’s the only detailed measure available, but here is the problem. If a casino rates 60 percent of its play, how many of its players does that represent? Thirty percent of the players, or about half the percentage of tracked play, is a close approximation in mos