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What is the role of CRM in Solar Energy Sectors anyways?

Solar panel industry is getting increasingly competitive with too many players competing for business. Naturally obtaining organic business leads is getting difficult. This is why we need to give our energy in the right place for getting maximum results. Getting the competitive edge obviously requires better time management and managing several cost factors involved in marketing the product. And now specifically moving towards the arena of solar business development how does a CRM or even the whole concept of IT fit in into it? The role of IT in the field of solar energy is no doubt, a very important one. While the science of the subject tells us how important every renewable source of energy is, it is the math side of things that tell us how to make a business model out of the concept. It is the Information Technology, though, that gives us a hint on how to find the potential customers for this potent product and how to make it reach them. Information Technology is the backbo