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Popular Link Building Tactics Over the Years

In this part, I’ll be talking about link building techniques that remained prevalent throughout the years. They have endured all algorithmic changes because they abide by the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Most of the tactics I will mention below can be found in this post. So it’s best if you read that article soon to help you gain a better understanding of how each of them works and how you can replicate them in your campaign. That said, below are some of the best you need to know before jumping into the link building fire: Guest Posting Guest posting is a great way to increase your online visibility by publishing content on someone else’s blog. More importantly, this tactic lets you secure a backlink on the body of the content or the author byline. You can read about finding guest blogging opportunities for building links here that I wrote. Here’s a breakdown of the process of finding guest posting sites: Search for Write For Us pages from sites in your niche using thi