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SEO Jargon - Commonly Used and Must to Know SEO Terms

While working in the field of SEO, we usually come across many common terms and sometimes it become very difficult to remember all these SEO jargon  or SEO terms. Here, I am providing a complete list of these SEO jargon  that commonly used in the world of Search Engine Optimization. Complete List of Commonly Used & Must to Know SEO Jargon Keywords One of the most common SEO jargon is Keywords. In the world of SEO, keywords are the words that a user usually type in the search engine bar to search something. It is always suggested that your website should be well optimized according to the targeted keywords. Long Tail Keyword A new and very hot SEO jargon is long tail keywords. Today, competition is very high in the world of SEO. It is very difficult to rank well for small or single word keyword that is why the concept of long tail keywords was introduced. Check out this link to know about LSI Keywords and their use. Long tail keywords are formed by combing some suffix