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How we helped a global MNC company improve its efficiency

  Case Study: a Global MNC Company Managers always crack their heads on how to increase productivity and efficiency of the employees. Bosses and business owners know that ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is one of the best solution to this problem. Yet many are still skeptical and aren’t very willing to spend that kind of money. Well, we thought it would be a good idea to conduct an interview and do a case study on one of our client, to share with you how an ERP software has positive effects on his company. Also help you figure it out will be able to  crm software development company . This January, we were contacted by a global MNC company: Let’s name it “Company T”. Company T is a global MNC in the life science industry. They have numerous operations worldwide, notably in the U.S and Europe. They also have a presence in Singapore, focusing on providing analytical and laboratory products and services. Like many companies, Company T was interested in optimizing their manpower managem

What is Lead Nurturing?

While a major goal of your inbound marketing campaign is to generate sales leads, the main goal of your company's actions is to generate revenue. The only way to do this is to transform those sales leads into closed deals. However, 50% of all realistic sales leads will not ready to close when you first come into contact with them; letting these individuals walk away means that you are allowing your revenue to be cut in half. You do not have to let this happen. By nurturing these sales leads, you can ensure that they come back to your company (and not your competitor) when they are ready to buy. This is done through a process called lead nurturing.     In this article, we will discuss exactly what lead nurturing is and how it will lead to more closed sales. What is lead nurturing? It is the process of transforming a sales lead into a B2B or B2C relationship that extends beyond the sale of the product itself. The purpose of this is to develop a trust between both you and