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What Makes a Website Credible – 13 Tips You Must Take to Increase Trust

In today's online world, there are lots of scams and useless information. No matter you are running a blog, an online store or a business site, you must convince the visitors that your website is credible before you can gain large traffic and sales. Then the question for most beginners is: what makes a website credible? When a visitor visits your site for the first time, he/she would naturally look for some trust signals before digging into the content or product information. This post shows you how to offer your visitors with the trust signals they need. All the tips are also quite important for building brand awareness. I can also advise you erp development services . 1. Maintain a Professional Design According to surveys, more than 70% people regard the website design as the most important factor for judging the credibility of a website. If your homepage is full of ads or the content is disordered, most visitors will leave in seconds and never come back. Having a profe